Jean Moss Handknits

POEM 1 her latest
Poetry comes in all shapes and sizes
So does knitting in moods 'ere one realizes
Poetry instructs as well as delights
Knitting covers the shivers, fevers and 'frights'

Poetry supports all living things
felines frogs to human beings
if not poetry its knitting mittens
no wonder the first poem was, "three little kittens"

for long paper or words may stare
hunt for rhymes or synonyms spare
blog page if you dare, only one ounce ?
watch out, needle, ready is poem, to bounce, er.. pounceā€¦

poetry is beauty if you may think
write, whatever you see in a blink
rhyme or not, blank open or run-on
which is easy, to knit? Or 'poetry' with skill n wit'

When I have nothing else to do I sit
and knit and knit and knit all day
only getting up when its time to pray
then back again to the needles to fit

I knit for babies I knit for kids
I love to mix the colours bright
I love to knit pullovers tight
and now for the hands the mitts

I find the mind involved and away
from all stress strife and things astray
I feel happy that I have the skill to make
clothes for others to keep warm and awake

for me its a reading calculating book
I see beyond the normal outlook
I see the stars rainbows in stitches
away stays sadness magic and witches

Its good to have this as a hobby
pray count and blend happiness
stay focused on The Good Scheme
Be blessed in heart smile in the dream.

I love to knit
I love to stitch
I love the colored yarn,
moving from needle
to needle, weaving through
and through, reminding me
of the woolly lamb, the furry goat
in the barn;
I love to knit
and create the patterns
cables twists loops and purls
slipping, picking two together
borders laces and the curls;
I love to knit
it helps me split
the good from the bad|when the set is done
the battle is won
and in beauty the child is clad.

Anjum Wasim Dar


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