Jean Moss Handknits

For those of us blessed to know Dollie
Her knitting was part of her life
She knitted her way through her problems
And cast off her troubles and strife

She was always half way through a jumper,
A teddy or more of those socks !
Or a pile of bright squares for a blanket
From odd bits of wool in a box

There wasn’t a day when her needles
Were idle and cast to one side
In fact we are sure she was knitting
The day we discovered she’d died

Her knitting was there on the arm chair
As if she had just put it down
Then her heart just gave up in an instant
And she passed away all on her own

So we’re sending the knitting with Dollie
We know she’d appreciate that
She’ll need it to keep her self busy
With that regular clickety-clack

So don’t be surprised in the future
if angel turn up in white socks
Or have soft woolly wings that have cables
And are wearing some nice Aran smocks

‘Cause Dollie will be up there knitting
On some fluffy white woollen cloud
She’ll be watching an old tape of Jethro
With a Baileys and laughing aloud

So although Dollie left us quite sudden
There’s no need to feel guilty or cry
That we didn’t have more time to tell her
That we loved her or just say goodbye

She’ll be looking down on us and smiling
And saying she’s just doing fine
And she’s popping off down to the Bingo
When she gets to the end of this line !

So please, when you think about Dollie
Look up to the sky for a while
And think of her knitting in Heaven
And remember her just with a smile

Angela McGee


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